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Laboratory Ceramic Products  
  Hitemp Combustion Boats are used in the estimation of carbon in steel samples. The sample of steel drilling is taken in a combustion boad and placed inside a tube furnace maintained at 1300 degree to 1400 degree & oxygen is passed over it which combines with carbon of the steel. Laboratory Ceramics Products  
Ceramic Furnace Supports  
  Hitemp Element supporting tubes are used for supporting coiled shaped heating elements made out of Kanthal / Nicrome wire used in resistance wire furnace. Ceramic Furnace Supports  
Laboratory Furnace Parts  
  Muffles are mainly used in muffle furnaces where heating elements made out of kanthal / Nircrome wires wraped round the muffles generally in the form of coils & inside these muffles objects are kept for heating either for laboratory or industrial purposes. Laboratory Furnace Part  
Thermocouple Tubes, Beads & Sheaths  
  Hitemp thermocouple sheaths are used as protective covering over sensing elements. So that the elements are protected from the injurious effects of the furnace atmosphere. These thermocouple sheaths are manufactured either by slip casting or by extrution. Thermocouple Tubes, Beads & Sheaths  
Kiln Furniture  
  These are used for holding the material to be heated & to optimise the furnace loading . These have high thermal shock resistance , high Refractoriness under load, High Cold Crushing strength & repeated heating & cooling Cycles.
Kiln Furniture
Super Refractory Shapes  
  Hitemp insulation refractories are meant for applications where high mechanical stability and insulating properties are required. Hitemp refractories are best suited for insulation of kilns and furnaces, both as hot face and back up linings.
Super Refractory Shapes
  Wear Resistant Ceramics & Grinding Media Wear Resistant Ceramics & Grinding Media  
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